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 Anamorphic video tests and movies

The first test with the fvd16 is done, not sure if i'm doing everything right, it appears a bit soft to me. It could be down me and a flawed understanding or could be the lens perhaps. More testing and lens combinations to come. Probably consult a few people in the eoshd anamorphic forum as well. Its a simple montage of two clips from the p4k and a gopro 4 with a letus anamorphic lens The lens used on the p4k was a russian 40mm, kinda cheap and from my understanding doesn't reach infinity, but its been modified to achieve infinity focus before i purchased it. I have taken a number of stills with the p4k and some of the wider lenses i own, everything wider than 40mm vignettes quite badly with the elmoscope.

The cat clip did have a slight vignette on the left from a slight misalignment between taking lens and anamorphic, i shifted the camera to correct it, however i should have left it alone as it was cropped out anyway when i stretched it in resolve. For testing purposes the anamorphic isn't connected to the anamorphic as its fiddly and time consuming to change anything.
The second clip is a gopro timelapse of me pulling a canon laser printer to bits for the parts. I simply want the stepper motors for another camera related project.
For some odd reason bluegriffon the website builder i have been using has some odd ideas about handling videos. Till i learn more feel free to right click and press play and fullscreen




Anamorphic Journey

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