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I kinda like the blue flares you see in some movies. Blue flares live in the realm of anamorphics as do a few other optical effects, oval bokeh being another. One of the easiest ways to get blue flares but perhaps not the cheapest would be to procure an anamorphic lens. One of the cheapest type of these lenses is an anamorphic projector lens. There are various brands and models you can buy. I bought an elmoscope type 1 for my foray into anamorphics. Be aware anamorphics isn't so much a rabbit hole, as its more like a rabbit warren, you have been warned.
 anamorphic frontelmoscope side
So the basic premise, is you mount your normal lens to your camera then mount your anamorphic lens to the camera lens This usually requires some type of clamp arrangement, unless your a machinist, more expenditure is required. Then you learn to keep all of that together and parallel, some sort of rig is required. Frankenstein would be proud of your achievements so far, no doubt.             franken rig Not long after my  journey started with anamorphics i started getting headaches, which wasn't related anamorphics, however it did throw a spanner in the works for awhile. I seem to be back on top of things now and headaches are mostly sorted. Back to anamorphics. The camera i use is a black magic design p4k . To help ease the file sizes and congestion, a samsung t5 ssd is utilized, its hung under the rig on a homemade perspex frame. the samsung is a neat piece of kit and for its size cheaper than a cf card i ssd You can now shoot scope, since you have sorted the camera, lens, clamp, anamorphic lens and some type of rig to hold it all aligned and together. The frankenrig also stops gravity doing nasty things to your anamorphic investment. There's just one more small issue with your rig and that's the bonus of dealing with duel lenses, you get the excitement of duel focusing as well. Focusing two lenses is quite an achievement, there should definitely be merit badges handed out, once mastered, i'm lazy so with the headache thingy happening, i opted for a single focus solution which lead to one, rapido fvd16a finding its way to the land down under. You know the land where the women glow and make thunder, and pretty much every living thing wants to kill you, or is, determined at least, to have a piece of you. But i digress.                                                                                                                                                                       single focus solutionThe journey so far has taken a bit more than 18 months i guess, life and the corona virus have a way of dragging things out. Stage one is done, next is learning and testing the various lenses i have acquired and making some videos. Which will listed off to the left side at further points in time. The nice thing about bmd is when you buy a camera, they give you the full version of davici resolve as well. Which is like free icing on the cake, its taken awhile to come to grips with resolve and i haven't put the time into it that i would like to off or should have. But that's life.                                         




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