I have been uploading a few videos to youtube and vimeo. Upon inspection its rather apparent that both formats apply their own compression, which basically murders anything sent their way, sad but true. I plan on doing a few reviews and tests with my blackmagic design p4k and the lenses i own. Results will be posted below for the benefit of fellow connoisseur's. Below is my second attempt, basically its 4 static shots of various things around the yard, anything with a bit of colour in it  as its close to winter now.  It should be a much closer visual approximation to what the p4k can do as opposed to what vimeo or youtube would show you. The file is 1920 x 1080 hd. Camera was a p4k with a standard canon fd 35mm 2.8. 





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    Latest video that i have produced features some lambs about a week old and burning some old wood in a drum. Shot with the  p4k and a canon fd 50mm f1.4 ssc lens. Which on the p4k with the 1.9 crop becomes a 95mm, bit too telephoto for me most of the time and i do have a villtrox speed booster the regain some of that crop, however for this experiment i want to keep it basic.


version 3 of my website. lets us pray that i can hold it together and be somewhat coherent for as long as possible :)